I leave for Turkey TODAY! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Excited for all the new experiences, and nervous of the plane and forgetting to pack something. Hopefully I'll take a bunch of pictures. Oh, and if you want to read about our adventures, I'm a J-Term blogger for the school. So just go to and you'll find my blog. I don't know how often I'll update it because I'm not bringing my computer, but I know I'll update it more than this. See you on the 26th!


J-Term is going pretty good so far. We're covering 4 millennia of history in 4 days this week, so that's a little overwhelming. Yesterday we did the Bronze Age, today we did Greece, tomorrow is Rome, and Thursday is the Byzantine Empire. Friday is our mid-term. Then Monday we leave RIC at noon for Turkey!!!!! AH!!!!!
Ron rape


J-Term starts today! I love J-Term. One class for two hours 5 days a week. It's awesome. I really wish the whole year were made out of like, 9 J-Terms: S-Term, O-Term, N-Term. lolz. Scheduling would probably suck though.

So I asked to work everyday this week. Guess how many shifts I got? One. I'm just a little pissed. I mean, what if I were in real life and had real bills and stuff? How could they expect someone to live off of one shift a week?

One week til Turkey!!!


I leave for Turkey in 11 days. That's kinda crazy. I like talking about going abroad, but this will be my first time. I wouldn't say that I'm scared, just a little uneasy, because it's something unknown.
On a side note, there is a Harley store in Istanbul that I'm totally going to to get my dad something.

One thing I will miss about being home: taking baths.


I hate feeling jealous. I also hate having wet hair.
I love The Witching Hour, which I'm finally almost done with.

Dancing Snape


I HATE living with my mother!! I'm seriously going to try to find a way to live at school next summer when I get back from Rome so I don't even have to deal with her.

Oh! It's pretty much official that I'll be going to Rome this summer with the University of Georgia! I'm sooooooo excited for it. It's a five week program and we live in Rome, taking 3 classes. I just have to wait for January 15th when he sends out the official acceptance letters, and then I'll really be going!

I've decided that when I graduate from college, I want to get a Yorkie. They're so freakin cute and they're good apartment dogs. And they are tiny, adorable lap dogs. They are a much more practical first dog than a Masitff. Haha.

I go back to school a week from tomorrow and I seriously cannot wait. Not only will I be back at school where I have friends, but I will be away from my mother and the depressing mood that I get in when I'm at home. I'll also be a week away from leaving for Turkey when I go back to school. Yay! Yet another thing that I'm crazy excited for.


Just for fun, the end of the year post with the first sentence of the first post of every month.

Sooooo ready to go back to school.

J-Term is over THANK GOD.

*Wow, I didn't post at all in March...

So I just realized that I haven't written in here for 8 weeks, my entire new member period.

So I broke up with Randy today.

I've been watching LOST non-stop for about the past week.

Things with Randy are FANTASTIC.

I ordered my iPhone yesterday and I'm soooo excited.

I really feel like I should write in here more.

So I signed up for my classes for the Spring on Wednesday and my schedule is pretty nice.

Life is still pretty busy.

Grades are in.

The general theme: Man, I never write in here anymore.


Grades are in.

Roman History: A-
Honors: A-
Ed Psych: A-
Ed Psych Fieldwork: A-
Latin: A

I know I should be proud of those grades, but I'm really not. Either this semester or Spring of Freshmen year are my worst grades. I did email my Ed Psych professor because that grade should be an A or A+. In the syllabus, she said that she would add 5 points to our final grade if we didn't miss any classes, and I didn't miss any for that reason. I'm thinking she just forgot that she said that. Haha. If she doesn't fix that grade though, my GPA is down to a 3.94. I want my 4.0 back!! Grr. I'm hoping for an A+ in J-Term, and I think if I get 2 A+s in the spring, then I'll have it back. Or something like that.


Life is still pretty busy. I kinda like it though.

Halloween kinda sucked. I wish we were still going to Kappa Sig. Well, I actually wish that two certain brothers would apologize so that we would go back. But they're assholes, so I doubt that will ever happen. I did look pretty hot though, I'm not gonna lie. Haha. I was Wizard Wanda, which is a sexy Hogwarts uniform. Bahaha.

This pledge class's initiation is the 21st. That's so closeeeeeeeee. I need to get cracking on making shirts and stuff.

End pointless post.


So I signed up for my classes for the Spring on Wednesday and my schedule is pretty nice.

10:20-11:20 Roman Epic
2:10-3:40 Mythology

9:50-11:20 Origins of Civilization
2:10-3:40 Reading in the Content Areas K-12

10:20-11:20 Roman Epic
2:10-3:40 Mythology

9:50-11:20 Origins of Civilization
2:10-3:40 Reading in the Content Areas K-12

10:20-11:20 Roman Epic

3 Classics classes and an Education class. Pretty sweeeeet. I'm not expecting too great of a work load either, which is nice. I wish I didn't have 2:10 classes, but whatever. I just need to figure out my work schedule around that. I think I'll try to do my tutoring office hours from 4 to 6 on Monday and Tuesday, and then maybe work a double on Friday and Saturday morning at Red Robin. Or something. I have a while to figure it out.

I've decided that I'm running for SCL President again since this study abroad thing isn't working. I'm also going to run for a sorority office, though I'm not sure which one yet.