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Nikki [userpic]


December 27th, 2008 (04:23 pm)

I HATE living with my mother!! I'm seriously going to try to find a way to live at school next summer when I get back from Rome so I don't even have to deal with her.

Oh! It's pretty much official that I'll be going to Rome this summer with the University of Georgia! I'm sooooooo excited for it. It's a five week program and we live in Rome, taking 3 classes. I just have to wait for January 15th when he sends out the official acceptance letters, and then I'll really be going!

I've decided that when I graduate from college, I want to get a Yorkie. They're so freakin cute and they're good apartment dogs. And they are tiny, adorable lap dogs. They are a much more practical first dog than a Masitff. Haha.

I go back to school a week from tomorrow and I seriously cannot wait. Not only will I be back at school where I have friends, but I will be away from my mother and the depressing mood that I get in when I'm at home. I'll also be a week away from leaving for Turkey when I go back to school. Yay! Yet another thing that I'm crazy excited for.